Sponsor a Puppy Alfie
Sponsor a Puppy Alfie

Sponsor a Puppy Alfie

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  • Receive a fantastic welcome pack, comprising a sponsorship certificate you can hang proudly on your wall and regular updates and pics.
  • Plus get a cute, cuddly toy dog.
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What’s cuter than a mischievous Labrador puppy? One that’s training to be a hearing dog! And that’s where Alfie comes in. With his cheeky and playful personality, he’s winning the hearts of everyone he meets. But don’t let those cute puppy eyes fool you, because Alfie is not only adorable but also determined to one day make a difference to the life of a deaf person.

What does Alfie love most? Food, of course! Lynn, his volunteer puppy trainer, says, “In the mornings, Alfie loves to hold on to my dressing gown to pull me towards the kitchen. He starts bouncing as soon as I pick up his food bowl!” Being a Labrador, it’s no surprise that Alfie has a healthy appetite!

Back to Lynn: “Alfie can get himself into all sorts of mishaps – you have to laugh!

“Alfie is very outgoing. He loves meeting new people and has already learned to sit nicely while they fuss him.”

Aww, a bit of mischief is fine while Alfie is so young. When he grows up, he’ll bring so much joy to a deaf person and help them reconnect with the world. We can’t wait to see him become a reliable and fun companion.

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Hearing Dogs For Deaf People
Hearing Dogs train clever dogs to assist hearing-impaired people to reconnect with life. Today there are more than 1,000 dogs that have been partnered with deaf people across the UK.
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Hearing Dogs For Deaf People

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