Adopt a Manta – Rudolph
Adopt a Manta – Rudolph

Adopt a Manta – Rudolph

What you get

• A bio of your adopted manta ray.
• A Fact File – learn about the biology and ecology of manta rays.
• A personalised Adoption Certificate.
• A digital poster of your adopted manta – ideal for desktop / smart phone backgrounds, or to print out to hang on the wall.
• A Kids Activity Pack – containing several games and activities. Includes a crossword, spot the difference, ID the manta, and more!
• A personalised message card – write a short message in an e-card if the adoption is a gift.

Gift description

Manta rays are extremely beautiful and mysterious creatures. They can reach up to seven metres in width and weigh up to two tonnes. However, despite their size, mantas are very gentle.

Adopting a manta through the Manta Trust makes for a great gift. The digital adoption pack provides the opportunity to learn about these beautiful fish, whilst supporting Manta Trusts global efforts to research and protect them.

Ho! ho! ho! here’s Rudolph the Red Nosed Ray! Rudolph is a sub adult male reef manta that the Manta Trust team have encountered over 30 times across northern Maldives.

Don’t miss out, Rudolph will only be available for adoption until the end of December!

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